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I know I am not popular nor have a lot of LJ friends.
I am just doing this for the sake of not getting sued for ranting. XD
Just kidding. Just don't want strangers/govt spies peeking my journal and sue me for sensitive stuffs.

Those who still want me on their friend list please note the following and then comment to get added:

1) Sometimes I am lazy or don't have the mood to LJ cut so don't bitch or complain if I FLOOD your screen or SPOIL you on anime/manga.
2) I am a "kinniku otoko" fanboy.
3) I go crazy during fanboyism mood.
4) I may/may not add you to my friend list depending on your journal and our "connections".
5) I am a boring person so don't expect fanciful and humourous entries.
6) I post my drawings sometimes so if you cannot stand the above image, I advise that you better don't add me.

New TV! W00T!
The new 34" TV for the living room finally arrives... A little disappointed as its a Philips... was expecting a Sony or Toshiba... =3 well... beggers can't be choosers... its supposed to be a rejected product due to the box and was sold half priced to my dad by his friend... o.O; Never knew some dents with the box can be rejected... -__-; well.. hope theres nothing wrong with the TV itself...

My dad transported the tv himself to our house... I had to help him to carry it to a trolley, roll to our house from the carpark, slide it upwards through the stairs and it juz slide past nicely through the door exactly with no space in between... O_O; Yea... its damn freaking heavy... and we cant carry it straight...

Then he measure the dimensions and went off to do a stand for the tv... XD was stuck at home alone and hungry till he came back at 11 plus... mum also came back the same time from Msia for dinner... wee~ new tv~ time to nag dad to get a component cable for the dvd player and my PS2~ wahahahaha~ yea... I gonna move my PS2 outside to play till my dad get irritated and buys me a new tv for my room... heeheehee

OMG... so many people is going gaga over the spec-less Hughes in FMA 23 which includes me... =3 Theres even people who do icons and wallpapers from tat scene... XD *kops one icon and wallpaper* =D I had to be happy and enjoy the days till it lasts... =P

I am crazy...
On the trip back home on dad's van, was half-sleeping behind... then I managed to think of a good short doujin of RoyXHughes based on one of the scene from Hikaru no Go... lol... well... I cant draw so can only drool of it...

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The end is coming... *goes to die this Sat evening unless miracle happens*

If you need someone to die with, I will be happy to die with you...
Yesterday after having dinner with parents... saw someone with his dog nearing two cats on the way back... as it is on our way I stopped for a while to pat the cats while the dog staring at me... the dog suddenly bark fiercely at me as if I am one of cats when I continue my way back -__-; and the cats go into "seed mode"... LOL well... "preparing for fight mode" in layman's term =P

Pretty died at today's Cost Accounting and Data Networking... Stupid lecturer concentrate on CRC checking and end up it didn't come out... -__- I would be happy if I passed them borderly... x__x

Micheal told me the wrong time and place for the Data Network test and lucky its 30 mins later at N8 instead of Q10... tsk... was shocked to find the LT empty... -__-

Went to Taka Kino to get Newtype April... wooo... two books in one... hope got something interesting... MRT reached bishan and it rains AGAIN... dotzz... didn't get drenched as much though and lucky I didn't open the plastic cover of the newtype... nothing much in the newtype... new arts of Seed and FMA and blah... AND IT MADE ME LOST ALL MY EXISTING AND FUTURE HOPES... BOOOO T__T

Differentiate... Integrate...
Woke up at 5am to go toilet and cant sleep anymore... =/

So I went to revise a bit and get distracted to play Gunbound after a while... lol... I don't have a high control of myself... Rewatched FMA 22 to refresh my memory because too much things happened in it... =/ not to mention the opening distract me a while... *drools* Went to sleep for a while before heading to school...

Ate breakfast in school and revise a little bit more... in the end forgot one important formula for intergrating factor which cost me one question... well... confirm can pass but not sure whether can get good marks not... hahaha... and I was the 1st to finish the paper... is the paper that hard? @_@

Went back home with slight drizzle luckily... played a little bit of SD Gundam Seed... OMG... the haros are freaking damn cute... different colors with different stats and attacks... O__O Theres even one that use Tori to attack like fin funnel... kawaii... toriiiiiii~ Stopped playing after a stupid enemy killed one of my haros with luck... -__- another reason I hate this game is that whether the attack will hit is predefined despite of the percentage it show... sigh... I would prefer Neo for the percentage...

And I am still sore about tat stupid FMA artbook... tsk

Arakawa Hiromu is biased against Hughes...
Woke up by mum's call... she wanted me to accompany my grandma to hospital... bleah... slept a little more before setting off... the weather is sooo good to sleep... Zzzz

Wee~ grandad looked so much more better than before.. he looked so hyper.. lol.. then he told me that doctor say he can be discharged... I was like o.O.. ok.. went to called my aunt and found out I got bluffed by him... -__-; He juz wan to go home... lol... went down to the food court for a unagi brunch.. =P~ went back up and a female doc was checking his throat... she said he was good and dun need to go x-ray this wed as theres nothing wrong...

Left alone as grandma wanted to stay there longer... went to Taka Kino to see the FMA artbook... LUCKILY I went to browse before buying... WTF... THERES NOT A SINGLE HUGHES PIC IN THERE... FUCKER... now I can say tat Arakawa Hiromu is certainly biased against Hughes... Not many new arts... well... saved my $37 for it and bought a chinese GSeed Info book by Kadokawa... o.O and I somehow hate their books cos of their super sticky scotchtape which already damaged all the books I have from there... but wat to do but to curse at them... tsk.. =/

And got drenched totally on the way back... bleah... later go have a hot bath and SLEEEEEP~

Jap LJ!
My Jap LJ

This is so uber... XD.. but.. they cant seem to detect my short forms... wahahahaha... so amusing...

Went to KKNM last sat... met up with Vincent and Lyanes there... got my reserved things though it din get sold out... -__-; *burns KKNM* *huggles Lyanes* nothing much for the new releases... not really interested in the FMA metallic poster... I WANT THE PORTRAITS... >__< They also have a set of colored clear haros for sale too.. not interested too.. lalala *settles with his mini talking haro*

Dropped by the Gundam shop... drool at the MG Strike... Amused tat the shopkeeper put the colored clear haros and a devil gundam in the fish tank... -__-; She wanna train her fish to be God Gundam or wat.. lol GOD FINGER!!!

Have a heavy walking session to MS and searching for ATM... I went to Esplanade to search for more while Vincent queued for the only one in MS... Well... Esplanade only had OCBC... sigh... then we went off to the arcade to meet Meishan and Bruce... waited for the others at Pacific coffee and off to Maru2... cant believe we booked 3 tables... the ppl at the long table was practically staring at us... -__-; Had a chawanmushi feast... lol... eaten 3 for the day... dunno wat to eat anyway... its the onli dish i can eat while having a full stomach.. ^__^

Shd remind myself not to play Drummania anymore... 1) waste money 2) cos can easily fail the 1st few stages due to my ill-trained hands...

Power of SD Gundam Generation Seed
*puts Fraaga in Providence Gundam and destroy Krueze*



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